About Us


Like many children of immigrant parents and families, being Indian has been a huge part of my identity. The food, the language, the holidays, the drive with which I saw my parents work to create an amazing life out of nothing, the humbling hospitality shown by relatives and non-relatives alike during our annual visits to India, and much much more. 

When my husband and I welcomed our first child, I looked for books and toys that would help expose him to his background. Finding gaps, Khaylo Toys was born! 

With Diwali being an auspicious time, we decided to kick off our first product with our Diwali book. Not just a book that talked about how we celebrate Diwali, but the story, the deeper roots about why we celebrate it. I felt that knowing these stories, and the little lessons they teach us would help shape our family discussions on the importance of love, loyalty, kindness, and doing great in the world. Themes that cut across cultures and that build character. 

We hope you feel the same in bringing Khaylo into your homes and hearts. And would love to hear from you on  how these products are making a difference!