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About Us


Many popular toys and books are educational in nature yet lack a cultural component.  Khaylo, which means “to play” in Hindi, was started to help kids grow with a global perspective. Join us for imaginative play with a cultural twist!

Toys to Grow Up With

We will be developing a variety of books, toys, games and collectibles that will make you feel nostalgic no matter what generation you are from. We anticipate having a little bit of everything and our stock will be growing. Stay tuned!

More than Just Toys

Our mission is simple:  to build character through culture, and at the same time, to foster cultural sensitivity so our differences can continue to make us unique yet united.  

In addition, every purchase will lead to a donation to help support access to education in underserved India. We're on the lookout for other causes to support. Please email us with any recommendations!

Featured Products

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The Celebration of Diwali is a beautiful hardcover book that presents an abridged version of the epic poem of Ramayana. Each page features a vivid illustration that will stimulate the imagination.

Suggestion "BOX"

Suggestion "Box"

We are all doing our best to make sure our kids are well-rounded. That includes learning about their roots or learning about someone else's. And let's be honest - our cross-cultural differences make life a little more special and fun. 

This Community is for YOU! We would love to learn about the challenges you have in teaching your kids about your roots (Indian, Latin, Italian, Asian, any and all!). Let us know what's important to you that your kids or other kids should learn about.

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